With over 100,000 installations of high quality and low maintenance water filter systems worldwide, WISY, AG has solved the rainwater collection puzzle. Leaves, debris, and insects in your water are a thing of the past.

Developed over the last 20+ years, WISY, AG is the leading manufacturer of rainwater collection equipment covering all applications from rain barrels for private homes to large scale commercial applications. WISY systems are used by:

  • Governments to solve water supply and storm water control issues
  • Industries in their production plants
  • Individuals interested in utilizing rainwater as a means of conservation and to ensure a high quality water supply.

Rainfilters of Texas, LLC is the Texas Factory Authorized Distributor for WISY products. For other states click here. This site will provide information to help you develop your rainwater collection system as well as provide the opportunity to specify and purchase WISY products.

The Filters

The WISY system recommends inspection/cleaning twice per year. Insects are not an issue in a properly designed system because there is no point of entry. Bacteria and other pathogens are deprived of a food source and oxygen is provided access to stored water through the breathable filter system. Solid objects are filtered out to as small as 1/60th of an inch (440 microns). The filter is manufactured from stainless steel, so rust and decomposition are not a problem.

Suction Filters

Value of Filters: The value of this component cannot be overstated. When you ask someone where the water comes out of the tank, the answer is always “from the bottom”. Unfortunately, that is the same answer given when you ask where the dirtiest water is. These devices will pay for themselves by reducing the need to change your cartridge filters. They are a simple, logical piece of a low maintenance rainwater system. They can be connected to the inside of the bulkhead fitting by using appropriate fittings and flexible potable water hose. I have had one installed in my tank for over two years. When someone asked how often it needed to be cleaned, I looked and decided to give it a couple of more years. It is a good idea to examine these parts on a yearly basis.

*These filters can be easily retrofitted to most installations. Ask us how.

The Pumps

There are different types of pumps according to the system used. In most cases the best types are multiple stage submersible pumps (advantage: no suction problems), or self-priming, multiple stage, centrifugal pumps, both with automatic pressure regulator. The pump and the pipework system are protected by the choice of a starting and final pressure that is adapted to the requirements. In any case, only high-quality products should be used; beware of cheap imitations.

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