Collection Tanks

Rainwater Tanks allow you to capture rainwater and use it when you need it. Plus, it will complement the appearance of your home and add value, while you do your part to save water. NO MORE WATERING RESTRICTIONS!

Tanks of many types can be used to store your rainwater.

Requirements for rainwater storage:

  • Measurement of volume according to roof area, usage requirements and annual rainfall
  • Fulfill the requirements of the building standards (ensure the drainage of the building)
  • Permanently water-tight and must have protection against light. Ideally storage temperature should be permanently below 18°C (64°F).
  • Sturdy, based on a secure foundation, if buried secure for possible buoyancy, durable
  • Neutralized against acid rain, good oxygen distribution in the water
  • Providing a sufficiently large overflow which is protected from insects, other pests, and back flow
  • Good accessibility for inspection

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