How Does It Work?

a non-mechanical process

This diagram illustrates solutions to the time consuming and costly efforts required in traditional system designs.  These design criteria keep the pipes free of debris and the tanks free of sludge that would otherwise accumulate at the bottom.  This provides and maintains the highest quality of water in your storage tank, or cistern.

1. PRE-FILTRATION: The design of the filter highly oxygenates the water and introduces this water into the bottom not the top of the tank.  This filter removes the majority of particles and debris before they can enter the cistern. Most pathogens are attached to the particles and will be excluded from entering the storage tank. Prefiltration excludes particles greater than 1/60 inch in size.

2. CALMING INLET: The storage area itself will act as a separate sedimentation filter if the water entering the cistern is “calmed”, so as not to disturb bottom sediments. Particles entering the cistern will either float to the surface or sink to the bottom. Allowing the addition of harvested water to agitate the water already in the tank will increase turbidity:cloudiness from suspended particles.  This inlet directs the oxygenated water to the bottom of the tank, keeping the entire tank oxygenated.

3. UTILIZING THE CLEANEST WATER: A floating suction filter will remove the cleanest water for use. The region of cleanest water is approximately 6” from the upper surface.  Water is normally extracted from the bottom of the tank, where the water is the dirtiest.  With the suction filter the ball floats, allowing the suction point to rise and fall with the water level.  This ensures that the water is taken from where it is the cleanest – just below the water surface.

4. OVERFLOW: Tanks should be sized to overflow periodically. Construction of the overflow to allow for skimming of the surface will remove floating debris to allow for maximum surface aeration of the cistern water

Typical rainwater collection filters require cleaning after virtually every rain event and may allow insect, leaf, and debris particles into your water supply. WISY products provide a low maintenance solution. Combining the four components shown above along with UV treatment; provides clean, clear, fresh water for all your household needs.  An additional important feature outlined in the diagram is the concept of “dry system”.  The dry system allows all collection pipes and filters to drain and dry out between events, greatly reducing maintenance requirements.

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